EZ Test Cocaine Cuts – Tube Single Pac



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You can’t trust anyone but friends … And when it comes to expensive snuffs like cocaine, you simply want to be SURE you got the real stuff and not some cut crap. It has become more and more common to stretch cocaine with cuts like Levamisole, Phenacetine or (Pseudo)-Ephedrine. With EZ Test Cocaine Cuts you will see in seconds, if one of those substances is present in your snuff (and expose your dealer – or his distributor – as a crook).

EZ tests use no dangerous liquids and is user friendly. Results are displayed in a matter of seconds and the tests are accurate and sensitive. The use of EZ tests is really easy; open a phial with the reagent and place some of your sample in it. Let it mix and then read the result on the colour chart (extensive information and instruction sheet explaining how to interpret the results included).

Warning: Although the tests are highly sensitive, we can give no guarantee or warranty. For 100% accurate and scientifically proven results, you must submit your sample to an official agency.