EZ Test Cocaine / Crack Cocaine – Tube Single Pack



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EZ-Test Cocaine & Crack Cocaine is a quick test to find out wether a substance contains Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, 5-MeO MiPT, MDPV.

As a rule of thumb: Money corrupts people. Fact is, many, if not most, dealers selling street drugs cut their product with other
agents. Those substances are potentially dangerous, causing “only” unpleasant side effects in the best case and you never know what and how much is in the product you bought. This should not be read as “pure cocaine is harmless”, but less cuts decreases the risks arising from consumption. You can’t see what’s in the product by just looking at it, but EZ Test Cocaine & Crack Cocaine gives you a good idea of the contents.

EZ-Test Cocaine & Crack Cocaine is an easy to use one step test, giving you results within a matter of minutes. Although the test is highly reliable and accurate, we can not give any guarantee or warranty. For an admissible in court result, you’ll need to submit your probe to an official laboratory.

EZ Test Cocaine & Crack Cocaine are available as single phial test and 10 test kits packages (for one time use). Extensive information and instruction sheet how to interpret the results are included.