CBH – Coffee beans 1KG – High Quality


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In nominal terms, coffee and cannabis do not fall on the same aisle. Coffee is known as an energizer while cannabis is known for its calmness. However, with these two varied properties infused the product has a lot to offer. Blending the energetic coffee properties to cannabis’ spirited creativity. Joining the CBD oil from cannabis and caffeine from coffee makes a unique blend that would be as powerful as smoking.

The caffeine in the Cannabis Coffee Beans is 100% natural from the farm. The commonly used type is Arabica, thanks to its exotic aroma when brewing. The CBD strains from marijuana extract some of the best CBD oils. The process is 100% efficient to avoid contamination with other residues from the marijuana plant. Mixing thee two juices together produces one of the smoothest beverage one would ever wish for. From sweetness, medicinal value, relaxation and energy, coffee beans solve many bodily ailments. The resulting aroma oozes freshness. The production process is exemplary and done professionally to get the best CBD infused coffee beans in the market.